Wuzuqan Chee kim thong
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FIVE  ANCESTORS FISTS | WUZUQUAN  is a Southern Chinese Martial Art that consists of techniques from 


• the breathing methods and iron Body of Da Mo (達尊拳)
• the posture and dynamic power of Lohan (羅漢拳)
• the precision and efficient movement of Emporer Taizu (太祖拳)
• the hand techniques and the complementary softness and hardness of Crane (白鶴拳)
• the footwork and agility of the Monkey (猴拳)

The combination of these five styles and their characteristic techniques were during the creation of the Five Ancestor System, consolidated by a sixth influence; Xuan Nu  also known as Hian Loo(玄女拳).

Practitioners of the Bái Yùfeng lineage credit the influence of the Xuan Nu (玄女拳) system, with its emphasis on flowing movements and humility, for refining the art of Five Ancestors.

One of the primary characteristics of Five Ancestors is San Zhan the most advanced form and the beginning form it literally translates as "three battles":三戦)  The "three battles" refer primarily to the three stages that Wuzu practitioners can achieve: combat preparation, combat tactic and combat strategy; all of which must be mastered in order to attained a good level. "Three Battles" has multi-faceted meaning: conceptual, physical, and spiritual.
San Zhan can also be said to allow development of the eight Five Ancestor principles and so, is considered the most important form in the style. Indeed, it is said that this form contains all the principles of the Five Ancestors system. Thus it is the first form taught to junior students, so that they may explore the essential points of Five Ancestors from the start of their training.
Five Ancestors is known for its large variety of power generational methods. Due to the distinct character of each ancestor, these methods change depending on the power required. WUZUQUAN lineage is XU JIN DONG.


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SHAOLIN  Kung fu​ combines the Tiger, Crane, Dragon, Leopard and Snake and is a southern Chinese style, that is extremely effective on the street, the forms are not extravagant but  hard to perform as they were designed to build up the body's structure, strengthening the tendons, muscles and bones. Within the system are numerous weapons including  Staff, Spear, Gwando , Straight Sword to name a few. The system contains many effective counters for various different arts inluding TKD, Muay Thai and MMA