lion dance in berkshire

WU QI Kung Fu and Health Society have an

exciting and serious Lion dance team that

is available for any event.

Competitively priced and of a high standard the team bring alive events from a variety  of  contexts including Chinese New Year celebrations, weddings, New Business openings. We also have a workshop programme for young people.

for more details and availability  call or email the school. 07534470983

Lion Dance is both synonymous with Chinese New Year and Chinese Kung Fu Schools, students of martial arts schools were called upon to show their  martial prowess through the lion. The Lion dance is also and perhaps more importantly a spiritual act whereby  the lion can bless the building/ person and bestow good luck and protection from negative energy and spirits. The blessing takes place when the lion eats the greens ( a symbol of luck and fortune) and takes the lai see (red Packet that contains lucky money) following this the lion then spits out the greens to bring good luck and fortune on the person or building or business manager. The lions are normally blessed by a taoist ritual that takes place by a taoist practitioner.

Lion dance is an increasingly  popular  artform and is used not only for business and new year  but weddings and other celebrations worldwide. WU QI lion dance team is in  high demand due to our quality and exciting performances. Please call 07534470983 to enquire about bookings

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