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The classes are disciplined  and  we focus on the traditional training methods. We  don't re- interpret the old ways with a modern slant we stick to the way  the arts were handed down. The exercises are very specific to Wuzuquan  and there is no cross training here.  Emphasis is on creating energy and being able to apply it in various contexts, these include  Other Martial Arts , street situations, MMA counters,

Chi Sao, Tui Shou.  


We have a full time school and public classes are on :

Monday - 730 - 9pm 

Wednesday - 730-9pm

Saturday 12- 2 

New beginners class starting soon on Tuesday  Evenings

730 - 9PM


Once or twice a week  £60 a month

Three times a week £70  a month 

Annual membership is £40